SOMA San Diego: Statement

The reason SOMA San Diego exists is to provide service in the community by working with youth using the music medium. SOMA is committed to teaching new talent how to market and progress through the industry while offering a safe and energetic environment for those affiliated with the scene. We are also committed to showing people, through example, that having a good time does not require the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Contact Len Paul , Director of Community Services:
We are pleased to support the following organizations:

The goal of this fundraiser is to ride a million miles, raise a million dollars and reach a million kids. All funds will benefit a new program, the “Don’t Run Away” program, whose purpose is to raise awareness among the youth, as well as adults, about the issues on youth homelessness - Please go to

Stand Up For Kids: Mission Statement

The mission of STAND UP FOR KIDS is to help homeless and street kids. This mission can be carried out by a national volunteer force whose on-the-streets outreach efforts will find, stabilize, and assist homeless and street kids in their efforts to improve their lives. The organization's mission shall also be furthered through deterrence and resource programs provided in schools and via the internet. All facets of this mission shall be guided by the mandate that our volunteers shall tell kids they care about them and then, at every turn, prove it.


Thank you everyone who purchases tickets online through - We (and you!) are able to donate money monthly for clothing, school programs and other activities Stand Up For Kids uses to help homeless teens of San Diego. A Huge thanks! - Stand Up and the children on the streets appreciate our continued support.... A little help goes a long way.


Street of Dreams - Musicians for Education: Mission Statement

The Mission of Street of Dreams is to provide an in road to society for at risk youth, (including those who are incarcerated) through higher education. An artistic force - partnered with public education, we are recording artists who teach self expression to neglected youth, by providing instruction in the art of creative writing, music expression, performance and the art of business and sales. Street of Dreams is a provocative alternative and a bridge to higher education. It is our mission to provide good and orderly direction.